Four child care centers and two family child care providers in Middlesex and Somerset counties have been chosen to participate in New Jersey’s Strengthening Families Initiative (SFI). SFI helps early childhood staff work with families to strengthen support systems that will prevent child abuse and neglect. The goals of the program are to increase the awareness that stronger families are central to keeping children safe and allowing them to develop their full potential. Child care providers can play an important role in working with families to:

  • Build parental resilience
  • Develop social connections between families
  • Provide information on community resources
  • Help parents understand child development and appropriate parenting skills
  • Assist children in developing their social-emotional competence

SFI is a national program to help child care centers and FCCP enhance or implement these goals.

For more information, e-mail Becky Lyons or reach her by phone at 908-927-0869 ext 0555.