New Jersey First Steps was created to assist early educators in offering the quality care to the infants and toddlers in their programs. Free workshops, mentoring and small grants are available to family child care providers and center staff. We also offer special training to directors of programs that care for infants and toddlers.

What is the cost of the workshop?

NJFS workshops are offered for free.

Do I need to take the whole series of workshops?

It depends. Sometimes the workshops are offered as a series, and sometimes they are offered separately. Check the registration form to see what the current offering is.

Do I need to be working with infants or toddlers to register for the workshop?

Yes.  These workshops are designed with infant and toddler staff in mind.  To fully benefit from the information shared, you should be with children in that age group.

Where are the workshops held?

Check the training brochure for individual workshop locations.