Family Child Care Registration

As the state registering agent for family child care in Somerset and Middlesex Counties, Community Child Care Solutions provides training and technical assistance to family child care providers and are responsible for the monitoring of family child care homes.

A registered family child care provider can care for up to five day care children at one time in the provider’s home. A provider must demonstrate an ability to work positively with children and to manage a formal program for children of varying ages. A registered provider is entitled to free referrals and technical assistance. In order to become a NJ state registered provider, one must complete the following five steps:

  1. Attend a 2 hour orientation. At the orientation, you will be given the application packet and a copy of the Manual of Requirements for Family Child Care Registration. To register for orientation please call the County office in which you reside. (Middlesex or Somerset)
  2. Register for and attend an 10 hours of Health and Safety trainings and 6 hours of CPR/First Aid. The Health and Safety training covers child development, identifying child abuse and neglect, mandated reporting and health and safety basics.
  3. Submit an application along with two character references; results of a medical examination and tuberculin Mantoux test for yourself. Submit disclosures of any criminal convictions and consent forms for child abuse record information for you as well as anyone living in your home who is at least 14 years of age.
  4. Allow a complete safety inspection of your home, which includes a review of the numbers and ages of the children in care. Technical assistance will be furnished to the provider regarding health, safety, program activities, nutrition, supervision, discipline, record keeping and communicating with parents.
  5. Submit a $25.00 registration fee.


Why should I become a registered Family Child Care Provider?

Registration is voluntary in New Jersey but Community Child Care Solutions only refers parents to registered family child care homes. As a registered provider you also have access to training, technical assistance, mentoring and other resources including reimbursement for meals served to children in care. Most insurers require a provider to be come registered.

Where can I provide care?

A registered Family Child Care Provider can only provide care in the home in which he/she resides.

What is the timeframe for my registration?

You will receive a certificate which is good for three years. During those three years you must complete 20 additional hours of training and you may be monitored annually by our agency. At the end of the three years you will be required to renew your registration.

Am I required to be insured?

The state does not require registered family child care home to be insured but we highly recommend you consider insuring your business. For more information on insurance see resources and links.

Do I work for Community Child Care Solutions?

As a registered Family Child Care Provider you are not employed by our agency. You own your own business, set your own fees, hours and contract directly with the parent.

How do I find children to care for in my program?

Parents call us looking for referrals and depending on your location, hours and fees we will refer those parent to you. As your own business you are also free to find clients anyway you choose. We do ask that if you are full you let us know so we will not continue to refer to your program as long as you have no openings. You are always able to go on and off our referral list as your needs dictate.

What are the rules I must follow as a registered Family Child Care Provider?

As part of the registration process you are given the Manual of Requirements for Family Child Care Registration, these are State mandated regulations that you must follow in order to remain registered.


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