A Shared Services Alliance is a membership organization through which Shared Services are provided. Alliance members are ECE centers who receive Shared Services through their membership. The design of each Shared Services Alliance is unique to its participants, but all share the goal of strengthening business and pedagogical (teaching and learning) leadership across participating sites by creating structures that enable sharing of staff, information and resources.

Community Child Care Solutions is the Alliance Hub for the newly forming Middlesex county Shared Services Alliance. The Alliance Hub is an entity that coordinates and/or provides one or more Shared Services to the Alliance members. Alliance Hubs generally charge membership, however our alliance has received grant support to cover this cost. Alliance hubs can offer a range of shared services and purchasing options to their members, such as billing and fee collection, enrollment management, professional development, and much more.

How Shared Services helps Center Directors:
A Shared Services framework can:
• Free up site directors from administrative tasks to serve as instructional leaders
• Enable shared, embedded quality improvement staff to support teachers
• Enable staff participation in a learning community where the emphasis is on “applying knowledge and skills”
• Provide teachers with time “off the floor” to think, plan and reflect on their work.

The word Pedagogy means the theory and practice of education. Pedagogical Leadership refers to how teaching and learning is led in early care and education programs. The typical view of how to strengthen teaching and learning is often narrowly focused on professional development and the attainment of degrees and credentials for teachers. While content (training and education) matters, new research has underscored that process (how teachers apply what they know) is equally – or perhaps even more – important to improve child outcomes.
(Exerts taken from https://opportunities-exchange.org/faq/)

For more information and/or to become a member contact:

Kamili Leath
Shared Services Specialist
Tel 732-324-4357 ext 2853