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Date - 03/30/2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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WEBINAR: The Power of Learning Environments

The power to create meaningful learning environments for young children with careful intention and purpose is in YOUR capable hands.  Need ideas (especially DPDuring Pandemic)?  Can you use some inspiration?  Searching for new resources?  This webinar will help participants tap into their capacity to think carefully about creative ways to support learning in well-designed indoor and outdoor settings.  Look with new eyes at how the essential environmental elements of space, furnishings, materials, experiences, routines and schedules, culture, and people can work together to promote learning that inspires and challenges. Participants will be able to identify eight essential elements of powerful learning environment; consider how the purposeful selection of materials encourages learning, and create a design for their “dream” indoor and/or outdoor environment.

Core Knowledge Area: Learning Environment and Curriculum

Annette Janssen

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