Helping parents find child care

Local child care resource and referral (CCR&R) organizations help parents take the guesswork out of choosing care – giving them referrals to local child care providers, information on state licensing requirements, availability of child care subsidies, and other pertinent information. CCR&Rs provide guidance by phone, in person, and in other ways, such as internet, that are tailored to each individual family.

Improving the quality of child care

CCR&Rs provide ongoing professional development opportunities to child care providers and staff. By supporting accreditation programs, helping create financial incentives for education, and advocating for better compensation for providers, CCR&Rs improve the quality of care for all children.


Supporting families to raise healthy children

Through workshops, hot lines, and newsletters, CCR&Rs reach out to parents with trusted, local information that enables them to make informed choices about all aspects of care for their children.

Bridging child care and education

CCR&Rs strive to create child care settings that help children grow and learn.  Educating parents about early learning and the components of quality care is a major part of CCR&R services.


CCR&Rs provide an entry point to the child care field, helping providers meet licensing requirements and become informed on health and safety, business practices, and child development. CCR&Rs also work with local and state governments and the private sector to leverage resources for building and maintaining the supply of child care.

Building the supply of child care

Documenting child care needs and trends

CCR&Rs are the primary source of information about the local supply and cost of child care. With their comprehensive, well-maintained databases CCR&Rs are able to track trends about the changing needs of families.


Telling the child care story

By providing resources, documenting community needs, and creating new ways to meet those needs, CCR&Rs bring the voices of children families, and child care providers to the public.

Engaging new partners

By reaching out to business leaders, law enforcement. School teachers, and others, CCR&Rs help make child care an issue the entire community cares about.  CCR&Rs collaborate with other family support services to promote a holistic vision of child care that includes health, literacy, and special needs.